DeMario Jackson Is Appearing On ‘Men Tell All’ Following ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Scandal

If you’ve been following Bachelor news, then you must be familiar with the DeMario Jackson scandal on Bachelor in Paradise. Personally, I didn’t think he’d be stepping into the spotlight any time soon while the media died down. Turns out that a scandal isn’t enough to keep DeMario from appearing on TV after all.

During an interview with TMZ, DeMario stated that he plans on attending the Men Tell All reunion special, which airs after The Bachelorette finale. This will be DeMario’s first aired appearance with the Bachelor franchise ever since the scandal that resulted in the Bachelor in Paradise‘s temporary suspension.

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In addition to appearing on Men Tell All, DeMario is also planning on attending the Bachelor in Paradise reunion special once the season ends.

“For me, I owe it to my castmates.” he said. “They’ve been very supportive of me throughout the whole entire thing and I want to all thank them, personally, face to face, give them all hugs, bro-out, sis-out or whatever.”

For those holding out for more DeMario and Corinne drama, don’t expect much. DeMario states that he has no interest in confronting her or holding a grudge over the scandal. For now it looks like it’s all water under the bridge, but he admitted that he would be open to talking about it with her if she wanted to.

Following the show’s suspension, many of us were concerned that the shady allegations surrounding the scandal would cancel the show all together. Lucky for us, Warner Bros. announced a couple weeks later that Bachelor in Paradise would resume filming.

As of now, it looks like both Corinne and DeMario won’t be appearing on Bachelor in Paradise, but perhaps some time out of the limelight would be good.

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