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This ‘Game Of Thrones’ Actress Almost Got Fired


The first rule of acting is to not leak information.

Most of us probably feel as if that’s obvious, but Gemma Whelan sure didn’t. The actress who plays Yara Greyjoy on the hit series, Game of Thrones, admitted to almost losing her role before she even began for violating the rules.

Yara Greyjoy Game of Thrones

Whelan told The Times of London, “I just thought it was normal to pop it on my Spotlight entry, so I wrote on my CV, ‘This summer Gemma will be playing Yara Greyjoy in Game of Thrones.'”

Spotlight is a service that is used by casting directors, but fans also have knowledge of how to search the site. Whelan continued, “And the internet went nuts. One of the lovely, lovely producers of Game of Thrones called me into his office and said, ‘This is very serious. We almost can’t employ you because of this.'”

She also said that getting to join the cast was just luck. “I watched all of season one and thought, ‘There is no way I’m going to get this.’ I’d done a couple of comedies, I was doing a bit of stand-up-but a big HBO series? Not on the cards.”

Yara Greyjoy Game of Thrones

Lucky for her and the diehard Game of Thrones fans, they didn’t kick the actress to the curb, but Whelan has definitely been more conscious of what she reveals. When asked what’s up for Yara in season seven, she remained pretty reserved. She said, “When we left off season six, it was clear that Daenerys [Emilia Clarke] and Yara were off on a mission. And we left me on a boat- so it would follow that you would find me on a boat. But I’m not ruling out being on land. How about that? Let’s not rule out any land!”

Yara Greyjoy Game of Thrones

But the star did admit to some more personal information about playing the fierce warrior in the HBO hit. Since being cast as Yara, some heartless internet users were right there to comment on Whelan’s appearance saying that she was too fat and not sexy enough to play such a character which was detrimental to Whelan’s self-image since she suffered from anorexia as a young teen.

There will always be haters, but hopefully there will be more supporters which luckily is what Whelan found to be true. She stated that many fans have told her that she’s exactly what they imagined.

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