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Did This YouTuber Lie About Donating Her Hair To Charity?


This story is the epitome of messy.

It all started when Lele Pons posted a now-deleted Instagram photo of her new haircut. The social media star was smiling with shorter hair while her friend was holding up a long ponytail. Her caption said “DONATED MY HAIR!!!! First time I ever cut my hair. Who do you think???” Pons claimed that she was donating the chopped hair in the photo to a charity that makes wigs for people who have lost their hair due to illness. Very noble, but internet sleuths were quick to point out that it wasn’t exactly what it seemed.

It took almost no time for her followers to realize that the ponytail in the photo was actually her extensions and not her real hair. If you look closely at the top of the ponytail, you can see tracks and not freshly snipped hair. Her followers started demanding answers.

Pons responded a few days after the accusation saying that she was planning on donating her hair but couldn’t because her hair is bleached and most charities don’t take bleached hair.

She then further clarified the photo by talking to Allure, “The locks of hair shown in the Instagram photo was used as a reference to show how many inches I cut. At the time of the photo, my real hair was being collected to make a ponytail because I had intended on donating it.” Maybe she should have done her research before she took the big chop. Pons said that she is working with a local hospital to find other ways to help cancer patients.

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