This Dog Probably Has Better Hair Than You

Hair, where do I even start? It’s so complicated. A good or bad hair day can make or break your entire mood. Getting the perfect beachy waves is hard enough, even though the hairstyle is supposed to be effortless. Getting the perfect highlights to really make your whole hairstyle come together is another obstacle. Finding a hairdresser who can make your hair dreams come true usually means shelling out a lot of money. When you see someone who has both great highlights and beachy waves it’s pure envy with a little inquisition… How did you make this happen? What products did you use?

When this photo of what seems to the most perfect hair color, texture and style was posted on Twitter, people were shook to find out it was actually a dog’s ear. Twitter user @kerbiegibbs posted a close-up photo of her dog’s ear and then one of just her dog and wrote, “My dog’s ear is like the perfect picture to show your hairdresser if you want beauty waves and caramel highlights.” And it really is! I can’t believe I’m jealous over a dog’s ear.

This dog seriously has the best hair of the summer. That close-up picture looks like it was taken in portrait mode on an iPhone 7 plus. Her tweet encouraged other people to post their dogs’ luscious locks and I’m seriously filled with envy. No joke, these dogs have better hair than most people.

These dogs need to leak their groomers’ numbers and what conditioner they use, stat. There won’t be any judgment when you actually take one of these pictures to your next hair appointment.

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