This Artist Reimagined Disney Princesses In 2017 & It’s Painfully Relatable

Famous Disney characters being reimagined is nothing new. The hipster Disney princesses will forever be engrained in my mind. But United Kingdom artist Tom Ward placed Disney characters in modern-day society and it’s a little sad. He has a whole series of illustrations called “Alt Disney” and they’re pretty amazing and truthful.

Cinderella is being ignored by Prince Charming. I guess he’s too busy texting to make sure that glass slipper fits.

Princess Jasmine does not look pleased that she’s subjected to gendered household chores, while the Genie and Aladdin play video games.

Alice is not enticed by the healthy food options. Girl, trust me, I would much rather be eating sweets than a salad too.

Pollution is not doing Ariel any favors. She has a mutant tail and Scuttle is chilling on a bin full of toxic waste.

But not all of Ward’s drawings are bad! He made Gaston a nice guy who accepts others for who they are.

Check out all of his other drawings here.

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