This Twitter User Found The Cheapest Ways To Impress Your Girlfriend

Guys think dating is an expensive task, but it’s not! You just have to get creative boys! Girls aren’t as complicated as you think (just kidding we are), but if getting creative isn’t your strong suit don’t worry. Twitter user @killakushla tweeted out a bunch of cheap and some free things will make us girls fall more in love with you. No diamonds necessary.

Her thread has gone viral because her suggestions are that good. Her thread has 67 suggestions and you can read them all here, but here are our top 10 favorite suggestions. Take notes boys and ladies send these to your boyfriend because subtly is so last year!

1. Handwritten notes. Bonus: handwritten postcards.

2. Make her a 21st-century mixtape.

3. Cook her food.

4. Flowers, DUH!

5. Get fit together.

6. Be interested in where she spends her money. She’s looking cute for you!

7. Fill your camera roll up with pics of her, then make a poster out of those candids.

8. Support her glow up.

9. Take her to a museum.

10. Help her with her to-do list.

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