KellyAnne Conway With Flashcards Is Your New Favorite Meme

KellyAnne Conway seems to be keeping a low profile lately while the world burns around her, but the White House senior counselor resurfaced this week to respond to public outrage over Donald Trump, Jr. setting up a meeting with a Russian lawyer ahead of the 2016 election. She did not disappoint.

On Fox News on Wednesday, Conway attempted to dismiss any claims connecting the Trump campaign with Kremlin, and she did so with props… and a rhyming game.

Conway held up two white sheets of paper with the words “conclusion,” “collusion,” “illusion” and “delusion” (“collusion” crossed out) to make her point.

 “Just so we’re clear, everyone, four words—conclusion, collusion. No. Illusion, delusion? Yes.”

Conway probably thought this to be a humorous Dr. Seuss-esque rhyming exercise, but she underestimated both the Internet and Photoshop. The clip bore such strong resemblance to both Melissa McCarthy’s SNL spoof (which uses children’s toys and props) and the memes of Donald Trump holding up papers for everyone to see (which prompted its own Twitter account), that of course it became an instant meme.

Some employed the meme to mock Trump’s White House.

Others used it to mock Kellyanne herself.

And others still propelled it into delightful randomness.

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