Did Kim Kardashian Dress North West In A Corset?







On July 12, Kim Kardashian took to all of her popular social media platforms to shut down a recent wave of mommy shamers. Moms on the internet were giving the reality TV star flack about letting her four-year-old daughter North wear a corset. It’s not that shocking considering Kardashian’s love of a good snatched waist, but Kim clarified that it wasn’t a corset, it only looked like one.

The dress is a orange slip dress with white cotton fabric on the front with laces. It imitates the look of a corset, but it’s not cinching anything. The fabric doesn’t even go all the way around the dress. Corsets are trendy and North is always on trend… even if it means a little trickery.

Kim has been doing a lot of clarifying on social media lately. She was accused on using cocaine after one of her videos showed what looked like white lines in the background on a table. She later posted a video explaining that she isn’t about that life and figured it was just white streaks from the marble tabletop that the viewer mistook for coke. Classic mishap.

Kim didn’t say where she bought North’s dress, just that it’s “from a designer.” Of course it’s from a designer, Kim. The real question is whether or not they make it in adult sizes.

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