Australia’s Lake Hillier Is A Fantasy Come True

Most of us have seen lakes, either murky gross lakes or stunning lakes that beautifully reflect the sun. Of course, because it’s the 21st century and social media is literally everything, we cannot help but share our experiences and take photos of these moments so our friends can be super jealous of our adventurous life. But I’m definitely jealous of these Instagrammers who post photos of this specific lake located in Australia.

Why be jealous over a lake, you ask? This link is a perfect shade of millennial pink.

In Western Australia, a lake called Lake Hillier looks like a dream come true. Rather than the clear blue or green color that lakes usually have, this specific lake is pink, meaning the body of water is the exact same color as bubblegum.

It sounds absurd, but these photos can prove it to you and so can science.

The lake is about 1,969 feet long and is surrounded by sand and eucalyptus trees. It’s believed that the reason the lake is pink is from the bacteria that lives within the salt crusts. The lake’s color can come from the water’s algae, therefore turns into a bright baby pink color in certain weather conditions.

If you’re ever taking a trip to Australia, check out Lake Hillier. It’s definitely a sight to see.

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