Rachel Lindsay Is Spilling New Details On Her Wedding










With this season of The Bachelorette winding down (final four, people!), Rachel Lindsay is spilling some new details on her wedding plans.

Lindsay hit up the ESPY Awards (looking great, as always) and told E! that she is planning her wedding for the end of the next year.

“We actually haven’t talked about a date because we just want to get to know each other,” Lindsay said. “We’re like, when can we be in public? When can we go to the grocery store, grab coffee, go to the movies?” About the actual wedding, she added, “I am thinking maybe next year, the end of next year maybe. We’re not rushing it but sooner than later.”

Lindsay could be beating otherThe Bachelorette couples Shawn Booth and Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jojo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers with her speedy wedding plans.



Lindsay talking about these details is a little unprecedented but considering the fact that she was announced as the lead of her season while she was still on Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor and announced that she was happily engaged before the show even began airing, this just seems to be how our girl rolls.

Now we are just left to ponder what this wedding is going to be like.

Will it be a romantic outdoor wedding where Bryan wears linen pants and then throws on his lab coat to adjusts people’s spines at the end of the ceremony?

Will it be a hotel ballroom wedding where Dean looks adorable in a suit and someone from the back of the room objects because he is only 25 and thinks that talking about his favorite dinosaur is a normal date conversation?

Perhaps a church wedding where Peter says the most romantic vows while everyone in the audience is entranced with his beautiful salt and pepper hair, gap tooth and sparkling eyes?

Or will it be Eric’s wedding to Rachel? I’m #sorrynotsorry Eric, but I really just can’t even imagine your wedding.

Whoever it is who wins this season, we don’t care as long as our girl Rachel is happy. Until then, we are happy to know any possible detail we can before the *dramatic season finale* (read in Chris Harrison’s voice, duh) later this month.

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