Couple Tries To Do Famous ‘Dirty Dancing’ Lift, Ends Up In The Hospital

The lift in Dirty Dancing is iconic. Even if you haven’t even seen the movie, you know exactly what lift we’re talking about.

It’s so iconic that it was even Ryan Gosling’s pickup line in Crazy, Stupid, Love. Let’s just all take a moment and rewatch shirtless Gosling lift up Emma Stone.

Wow, is your heart racing yet?! The lift is iconic and is the pinnacle of ‘I love you’ gestures. What a lot of people don’t know is that the lift is actually super hard. Let’s not forget that Baby had to practice it a billion times in the lake. There was a reason for that.

dirty dancing lift

Sharon and Andy Price are from Somerset and have been together for 18 months. They are going to get married next year. The tried to recreate the iconic lift while at a beer garden and *spoiler* it didn’t end well. Actually, it ended pretty badly.

Sharon suggested they should do the lift for their first dance when they get married next year. The couple then decided they should test out the move right then and there. Andy and Sharon ended up colliding into each other and were rushed to the nearest hospital.

Sharon told South West News Agency, “The paramedics were pretty worried about Andy and cut his t-shirt off and blue-lighted him up to Southmead Hospital.” She also said that the paramedics kept saying he was “going in and out of consciousness.” She said that Andy is fine now but he has a bruised neck and back and her back still hurts.

Don’t try this lift at home… unless you’re with Patrick Swayze, Ryan Gosling or in a body of water.

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