CNN’s Chris Cuomo Is Distractingly Hot

While there is a lot to talk about regarding the ever erupting disaster that seems to be American politics, there are some benefits i.e. getting to better know the host of CNN’s New Day, Chris Cuomo.

He has been getting a lot of publicity for the last few days because of the way he battled it out and held his ground during a 35-minute interview with Kellyanne Conway on Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Russian lawyer.

If you are like me, you couldn’t help but notice that with those quick responses and forcefully informed statements, Chris Cuomo was kind of bae. (I mean I hope I am not the only one!)

The CNN anchor might also look familiar because he is the brother of New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo and son of Mario Cuomo, three-term New York State Governor.

Buisness Insider

Before showing us his beautiful face every morning on CNN he was a host of Good Morning America, ABC News’ chief law and justice correspondent and co-host of ABC’s 20/20.

From his Instagram, it is apparent that in his spare time he goes fishing with his family (shirtless no less! Hallelujah!) and that he really loves his job at CNN.

In 2001, he married Gotham editor Cristina Greeven and I hate to say it, but they are super cute together.

Keep doing you Chris, you are in great company over there at CNN.

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