The 5 Best Drugstore Blushes For A Rosy Glow

If you’re wondering why your Sephora bill keeps climbing to new and more expensive heights, we’ve found the culprit. Rosy cheeks are the best way to complete your makeup look, but most high-end blushes also come with a high price tag. Some of your favorite blushes sell at Sephora for anywhere between $26 to $50, which even excludes palettes that can be as high as $80. Whether you’re new to blush or swear by NARS, there’s no reason to overspend if you don’t have the money to spare.

To give your cheeks and your bank account a little life, we’ve compiled a list of must-have drugstore blushes that will make you wonder why you spent so much money to begin with.

1. Milani Cosmetics

If you haven’t tried Milani’s Luminoso, drop everything and do it ASAP. This blush is so pigmented and gives that perfect pop of color that you were missing for only $7. Berry Amore is the perfect shade for darker skin.

2. NYX Cosmetics

These blushes are creamy and high pigmented for around $5 each, which is a total steal. Check out Sublime, Coral Intense and Bittersweet (a perfect mauve everyday blush for medium/darker skin), all shades for different skin tones and hues.

3. e.l.f. Cosmetics

This palette has four blushes in a small compact for the price of one, costing only $6! Three of the shades are very creamy and apply easily. The last shade contains glitter, which should be something to avoid when possible when it comes to blush. e.l.f.’s Jet Setter is perfect for those with darker skin.

4. Wet n Wild Beauty

Their Color Icon blush in the shade Apricot in the Middle is the perfect summer blush to complete any dewy/bronzed makeup look. These retail for around $2.99 each.

5. Essence Cosmetics

This blush is understated compared to the rest when it comes to color on the cheeks, but it still gives off a subtle look. It feels like silk and is perfect for everyday wear as it retails for $2.99.

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