Woman Writes Hilariously Intense Dog-Sitting Instructions For Pampered Pup

I love my dog. In fact, he’s sleeping on my lap as I write this article. My legs are falling asleep and I really want to stretch out, but I don’t want to wake him during his scheduled noon nap. Once you’ve owned a pet long enough, taking care of them feels like clockwork. Breakfast in the morning, play fetch at 10:00, nap time at around noon, etc. It feels weird if I don’t follow the schedule after doing it for years.

One woman in particular can agree with the sentiment. Meet Elaine Diaz from Fresno, California. She is the proud owner of an adorable three-year-old Pomeranian named Pepper. Don’t let Pepper’s innocent and laid back demeanor fool you. She runs on a tight schedule.


Earlier this week, Diaz was in need of a trustworthy pet sitter for her Pom Princess. She turned to her 20-year-old nephew Tommy Rios and left him two sheets of paper with very specific instructions.

“My aunt is having me house sit and watch her dog and omg she’s too much lol,” he tweeted. Since then the post has gained over 175,000 likes and 57,000 retweets. Here’s a breakdown of Pepper’s daily grind.

Breakfast: 8am. 1/4 cup food & fill bowl with fresh water
Dinner: 5pm. 1/4 cup food & fill bowl with fresh water

no carbs
dog bone every other day

Play Time
Fetch – shoot ball with green gun – daily
Walk around the block – optional

big hugs little kiss
belly rubs

Send photo of Pepper every day so I can see she’s okay.
Face Time with Pepper so I can talk to her.

Okay, I can’t deny that I make a similar itinerary whenever I leave my dog at Dog Camp, but I think the Face Time is a little much. Lucky for Diaz, Rios claims that he’s followed most of her instructions.

“I may have broken some rules, like maybe the FaceTime one and no carbs!” Rios told the Huffington Post. Need proof? I’ll let the picture speak for itself.


If that picture doesn’t put a smile on your face, I don’t know what will. I have the overwhelming urge to have a photo war of who has the cutest picture of their pet, but I’ll try to rein it in. Not because I think I’ll lose, but because I don’t think my dog is in the mood for a photo shoot right now.

Although Diaz trusted Rios enough to take care of her Pom Princess, she also made a point of making a list of “Don’ts”. I can’t imagine anyone even considering doing these to such a cute dog, but I guess it doesn’t hurt to have it in writing. Diaz wrote:

Yell at Pepper – she barks when you get home, barks when she hears a suspicious noise and barks to communicate
Hit, spank or kick Pepper – don’t you hurt her!
Let her escape – know where she’s at all times
and most important……
Don’t you Hate her cause you Ain’t her!

“When I saw the instructions I thought, oh my gosh, this is sooo extra but it’s been great watching Pepper,” he said. “She is like a human! She does human expressions and faces, it’s so cute.” Rios admitted that he was surprised at how specific the rules were, but he claimed that he wouldn’t mind watching Pepper again.

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