In Honor Of National Mac & Cheese Day, Check Out The 10 Most Drool-Worthy Plates Mac & Cheese Ever

There’s nothing more comforting than food. Sorry, mom! What’s even better is hearty soul food, like mac and cheese. It was our preferred lunch choice in our middle school days and we all remember buying Kraft in our pre-teen days. After that, we stocked up again when we ran out of ramen in college.


Restaurants have gotten really creative with mac and cheese creations over the years and they don’t just come in bowls anymore. It’s being used as a dip for your fried chicken, as filling for sandwiches, as a pizza topping, the list goes on and on. Fear not, vegans: dairy-free versions are also being made to your liking. With fall looming and bikini season ending soon, just order the mac with no regrets.

The love for mac and cheese is global, with many festivals constantly being held. Though mac and cheese is known as an entree, these restaurants are sure to satisfy your inner foodie. So, on this national holiday, enjoy these photos of your favorite cheesy meal, no calories added.

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