10 Hidden Gems That Will Leave You Planning Your Next Road Trip











When you get a bad case of wanderlust, it’s probably from scrolling through a bunch of international photos on Instagram. After all, we’re fascinated by what we don’t understand and far-off places we’ve never been. But if you’re on a budget or looking to explore the United States more, check out these underrated places. You don’t have to fly thousands of miles to a different continent to see something you’ve never seen before.

Summer always seems a little incomplete if you don’t travel anywhere. With 50 states to choose from, we should take advantage of exploring the areas around us or places across the country. From car forests to grottos to underwater memorials, start picking your next destination.

Some of these places aren’t even in major cities, they could be in the middle of nowhere. They could be easily missed, and they’re even more unexpected if you stumble upon them by accident. Take a break from tourist traps and be the first of your friends to visit these hidden gems.

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