DILFS Of Disneyland Is The Happiest Account On Instagram

DILFS are giving “dad bod” a whole new meaning. They’re cute, ripped as hell, love kids and are typically married to a MILF. But now DILFS are taking the spotlight from hot moms and no one is complaining.

Hot dads are so in that there is a new app game called Dream Daddy¬†where you get to date hot dads. There are so many to choose from it’s overwhelming.

Unfortunately, Dream Daddy is a game and not real life. If only there was a way to look at real hot DILFS all day long. Well, that’s where @dilfs_of_disneyland comes in, my DILF loving friends.

This Instagram is the holy grail of DILFS. DILFs taking their kids to the happiest place on Earth makes for the happiest account on Instagram. We are talking strollers, baby carriers, Mickey Mouse ears and lots of ripped arms. Who knew that pushing a stroller would require so much flexing?

Check out our picks for the best photos and live happily ever after.

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