Here’s Another Clue About ‘American Horror Story’ Season 7

The hit FX television series American Horror Story has been killing it (literally) every season with their diversity in theme choices. From Murder House to Coven to Roanoke, who knows what this upcoming season will be about. In other words, what else could the show possibly be based on?

Well, there are hundreds of ways to scare an audience, including this image that Ryan Murphy posted up on Instagram yesterday.

The American screenwriter shocked us all with a sudden Instagram post of a person completely coated in bees with the caption, “AHS last clue before this week’s TITLE reveal. Ideas?”

Don’t lie, we know you squealed with excitement. Looks like Murphy gave us a small clue about the show’s possible theme for the seventh season. But what could it be based on? A bee farm? A remake of Fear Factor? Or what about American Horror Story: The BeyHive? I can just imagine Beyoncé as the queen bee summoning her bee army to attack individuals.

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He's Baaaaaack

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However, there have also been clues about this season’s theme and it’s assured that the 2016 election will definitely be part of it — including Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Also, it looks as though this season’s “monster” will have an aspect of the Republican Party. And I know we’ve all been waiting for our favorite monster to be back — Twisty The Clown is finally making a comeback. But what’s up with the bees?

Well, we’ll just have to wait until this season’s title is revealed sometime this week.

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