Dev Patel Is Only Getting Finer With Age

You have to admit it, Slumdog Millionaire star Dev Patel is a hottie you didn’t expect to come up on your radar. He doesn’t have abs, he’s a relatively lanky, thin guy and he doesn’t have a chiseled¬†chin or strong jaw, but you’d definitely go on a coffee date with him if he asked. He has an adorable smile, he’s smart, humble and is incredibly sweet with his fans. Let’s not forget to mention his current curly hairstyle with a scruffy beard and mustache. It is all just beyond attractive.

Luckily we’ll be seeing more of Dev since his newest movie Lion premiered last year to rave reviews and it’s just been confirmed that he’ll be the star of the new Chippendales movie. We can’t say we’ll ever be sad to see more of Dev Patel.

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