Jeffree Star Net Worth 2018: How Much Is Jeffree Worth Right Now?

Jeffree Star is a name you’ve probably already heard. Maybe you’ve watched his YouTube tutorials, you’ve bought his products, or you’ve heard about his many social media feuds. Through his image, he’s also blurred the line between male and female genders. The singer, makeup connoisseur and model has amassed an empire over the years with his various ventures.

Jeffree Star’s Net Worth as of 2018: $5 Million

Read on to see how he got to where he is now.


Star moved to Los Angeles when he was a teen, already knowing that he wanted to pursue the beauty industry. He made a living off of makeup and music jobs, all while networking in clubs. Though he’s known best for being a makeup artist, Star first began his career in the music industry.

Through MySpace, #TBT, he created his fan base and pursued music as a pop singer with the encouragement of drummer Samantha Maloney. Over time, he became one of the most popular artists without an agency. In 2006, he created his YouTube channel, uploading audio tracks.


Star continued releasing singles until he released his first and last album Beauty Killer in 2009. The following year, he collaborated with Kesha for her single, “Take it Off.” Though he began his YouTube channel with music intentions, he gradually used it to further his beauty career, posting tutorials and reviews. He currently has almost 5 million subscribers.


Star collaborated with several other performers as he switched between the beauty and music industries. He’s worked with Blood on the Dance Floor, Deuce, Millionaires and Larry Tee. He worked on his second album before deciding against its release and ultimately pursuing beauty full-time. On Black Friday 2015, Star launched three liquid lip colors, which became well-known for their formula.


After the success of Star’s original lipsticks, he launched Jeffree Star Cosmetics, distinguishing his brand by unconventional hues and names. He currently sells lipsticks, eyeshadow and highlighter, and has spoken about his desire to create a skincare line.

In 2016, Star was involved in a very public feud with fellow makeup entrepreneur Kat Von D. The latter accuses Star of not paying Von D’s connection for design work done for Star’s brand. Several YouTube videos, IG posts and tweets later, the decade-long friendship ended. Soon after, a fan complained on social media about finding a hair in one of her products bought from Star’s brand.

While we might not know the truth about the situations, one thing’s for sure: Jeffree Star is the most successful person (besides Tom) to come out of Myspace.


Jeffree Star tweeted that all the cosmetic brand about to launch a foundation line should make sure it is inclusive or they should not bother.

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