Jaclyn Hill Annoying Kim K. Is Our New Favorite Meme








It’s not a secret that Kim Kardashian is in the middle of promoting her new beauty line KKW Beauty. Her first product is none other than a contour kit, spelled without a “K.” The kits have sold out twice and have been getting pretty good reviews.


In an effort to show fans that her contour kits are worthy of purchasing and can rival high quality designer makeup, Kim has been teaming up with YouTube beauty stars. The move is genius, which isn’t shocking considering Kim is a business mogul.

She did a “get ready with me” video with Jaclyn Hill that has now amassed over 4.2 million views. Any YouTube beauty fan knows that Jaclyn is very charismatic and bubbly, almost too bubbly. Jaclyn’s hyper upbeat personality does NOT mix well with Kim’s mellow, it girl vibe. The video is hilarious. Jaclyn showers Kim with compliments and Kim just says “thank you” with a straight face.


The video starts with Jaclyn and Kim sitting bare faced. Jaclyn starts talking fast and loud exclaiming how she got a spray tan and has her weave in and Kim still looks better than her. All Kim does in response is chew her gum and say “Oh my God.”

There is one point where Kim is saying her concealer is too white for her tan and Jaclyn IMMEDIATELY jumps in to try and bond with Kim by excitingly say “Do you see how white mine is right now Kim? Can we please just talk about it?” Kim doesn’t even look over.

You can watch the whole video for yourself OR you can just watch one of the MANY Kim annoyed compilation videos that have been created. Actually I recommend watching the compilation videos because then you can avoid how many times Jaclyn said “this product is so creamy!!”



We all know Kim is the queen of shade. Did we forget International Snake Day aka Read Receipts on Taylor Swift Day?! Kim has given the internet enough reaction memes for a decade from this video alone.

Jaclyn on the other hand is not happy with the responses to this video. She took to Snapchat to respond to the haters. In the multiple clips, she said that she’s always that level of obnoxious and wasn’t star struck. She only said super nice things about Kim saying Kim was “so kind and down to earth and just chill and zen.”

I guess zen and annoyed are synonyms now.

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