Greatest People Ever Send Memes to Their Pals in Boot Camp So They Stay Up-To-Date Without the Internet

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There are friends, and then there are these people.

While their loved ones are at boot camp, without their phones and the internet, these pals are making sure they stay informed on what’s happening on the glorious world wide web.

Like this?

And this?

When you remember the person that you send memes to is away at boot camp

— danilo rubio (@dannyrooobs) March 27, 2017

Yeah, this isn’t happening for a lucky few.

These heroes (not all of them wear capes) print out the funniest memes and tweets on the internet and mail them to their pals in the armed forces, giving them a little lift in their day.

Check it out:

My friend is away at boot camp and can't use her phone, so I'm sending here memes. She is missing much tbh

— Khaled Kharma (@k_is_like) July 18, 2017

My friend is at boot camp and I mail him memes to keep him entertained 😂

— Luis Rembao (@LuisRxmbao) July 11, 2017

My cousin has no access to her phone at boot camp so I'm mailing her a book of my fav tweets & memes from the past few weeks she's been away

— к⍺trin⍺ ⍺nnℯ ♛ (@kfer_) July 18, 2017

when ya bestf is in boot camp so u have to mail her memes #navy

— iridescent grinch (@missssundastood) March 24, 2017

I once printed out some memes and mailed them to my friend while he was stuck in boot camp. When and where do I get the best friend award?

— Rosanna (@rosebananax33) April 14, 2017

One of my coworkers is hand-drawing memes in her letter to her husband because he's at boot camp and can't use the internet.

— Maya (@lonelybtchhours) April 13, 2017

Really, it’s the least they could do for those willing to serve our country, but this is how you know you’ve found a ride or die.

Now, to find friends who would do this for me.

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