Harry Styles: Top 10 Best Style & Fashion Moments

Harry Styles has come a long way style wise. Never forget on the X Factor when he wore a bright green polo, grey cardigan and a massive beanie to keep his curly, pre-teen hair hidden. Now Harry is really living up to his last name and dressing to perfection.

After being part of One Direction, it was important for Harry to find his personal style and to do it quickly. It gave him character within the five person group. He dressed like his rock ‘n roll influences, effortless cool but also tailored. His clothes are a bit more feminine, but that makes him just that more masculine (example: his floral suit at the American Music Awards. Iconic!).

Now that Harry has gone solo, his vintage rock vibe is in full force, even with his shorter hair. Harry has established himself as a music legend with his first album and a multi talented artist. He’s also in the film Dunkirk, which has been slated to be the greatest war movie ever. In honor of his latest press tour, it’s time to recognize that Harry is a style icon. These are 10 of his best style moments.



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