Pink Is Being Mom-Shamed For An Instagram Photo

Being a mom is hard enough. Taking care of another human being while also taking care of yourself and a million other things is exhausting. It’s even worse when you’re a celebrity mom because the public can and will be ruthless.

The latest celeb victim of mom-shaming is Pink. She’s a mother of two children, Willow and Jameson, which are the cutest baby names ever. The singer posted a photo on Instagram of her cooking in the kitchen with her kids. Jameson is strapped to her in a baby carrier while Willow is on the counter.

At first, you might think that there is nothing wrong with the photo. It looks perfectly fine to me, to be honest. But moms are upset that Pink has her baby so close to a pan of what they are assuming is hot oil.

I get the concern, hot oil burns are no joke, but Pink is a mother of two children, so I think she can handle it. Some fans rushed to her aid, saying motherhood isn’t a competition and there is no”right way” to parent.

Pink can sing while dangling from the ceiling by a piece of fabric, so I think she can handle her kids. Being a mom is hard enough, no comments necessary.


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