Ben Higgins Hasn’t Moved On From His Breakup

Sometimes¬†The Bachelor doesn’t end in a happily ever after. Ben Higgins would agree with that statement following his breakup from Lauren Bushnell.

The two broke up a couple months ago but for Higgins, the feelings are still very fresh. This week, a fan emailed into”The Almost Famous Podcast,” Higgins’ podcast with another¬†Bachelor Nation favorite, Ashley Iaconneti, asking when he would start dating again. Higgins gave a deeper answer than most fans were expecting.

“If I were to kiss someone right now in my life it would hold a lot of weight,” Higgins said. “It would be really hard for me. Right now, to kiss anybody… my chest gets kind of tight. I know that’s really difficult for me.”

He added, “This kind of stuff, dating and relationships, are things that are sensitive to me right now. It’s not something that I want to talk about right now honestly. I don’t know when I am ready [to date]. Honestly, as tempted as I am and as much as I do desire a relationship like I do. I desire commitment and to emotionally attach myself to somebody … I am forcing myself to get to know myself better, to find myself a bit, to get to know who I am now.”

This news of Higgins’ feelings about the breakup comes right after reports that Bushnell is back with her former boyfriend and is very happy.

Does this maybe mean that that break up came from Bushnell and not Higgins?

Since the breakup, Higgins has been focusing on his podcast, his golf game and doing service work in Honduras.

We hope that¬†The Bachelor‘s perfect Ben finds love soon because he definitely deserves it.

We are rooting for ya, kid!

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