Study Shows That Being In A Fandom Is Good For Your Health

Being a fangirl has a lot of negativity surrounding it. Fangirling at your favorite celebrity, most typically a boy band, often ends with girls being labeled crazy and obsessed. We all have seen those videos of the masses of girls chasing One Direction. Fandoms have grown from fangirling and are groups of people who all admire the same person, group, TV show etc. They now create large parts of our culture.

Now research shows that being a fangirl and taking part in a fandom is actually good for your mental health. Research proves that having a weak sense of belonging is directly connected with depression. Being part of a group and developing a sense of purpose within that group can improve your mental health. Fandoms easily create that sense of community for people who are seeking camaraderie and connection.


This is great news for teenage girls because that’s the age group that is mostly a part of fandom culture. Those crucial years are when teenage girls are trying to find their identities. Having a group that they are a part of, even if it’s online, will still benefit their mental health and provide them with a new outlet for their emotions.

So, keep screaming when you spot your fandom’s fave celebrity. It’s good for you.


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