New Study Finds One Song That Can Reduce Anxiety By 65%

Different music can put you in different moods. That’s why your pre-game playlist is WAY different than your chill playlist. Our feelings are super influenced by our music, so finding out that certain songs can reduce anxiety is not that shocking.

Mindlab International did a group study to see which songs reduced stress when participants were put in tense or triggering situations. Dr. David Lewis-Hodgson, who conducted the study, noted participants’ heart rate, breathing rate and blood pressure. The participants attempted to solve stress-inducing puzzles.

The study doesn’t seem like fun at all, but it was successful. The song “Weightless” by Marconi Union proved to be the most relaxing, decreasing participants’ anxiety by 65%. That’s more than half. The song was specifically created for spas, so it makes sense that it’s ultra relaxing.

The study also found that “Someone Like You” by Adele and “Strawberry Swing” by Coldplay both reduce anxiety. The two songs won’t have as strong of an impact as the blissful spa song, but they will get the job done.

The next time you’re feeling anxious just turn on these jams and mellow out.


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