San Diego Comic-Con 2017: Best Photos & Must-See Pictures

On July 19, 2017 Comic-Con kicked off in San Diego where excited and eager fans gather to see costumes and collectibles of their favorite pop comics, art and culture.

One of the most celebrated aspects of Comic-Con is the length fans will go to when creating their favorite pop culture figures. They are known as Cosplayers and will wander around taking pictures with onlookers.

This year, another big aspect of Comic-Con is the TV panels since TV has been growing more and more this year. Marvel and DC will have a lot of new panels to stay on the look out for. Most fans are also looking forward to the new panels for CW’s Black Lightning, Syfy’s Krypton and Marvels Defenders. 

What else can we expect to see a whole lot us this year? Wonder Woman. With the release of the new Wonder Woman film this year and the huge success from it, a lot of Cosplays are expected to portray characters from the hit film.

What else can we watch out for? The infamous swag bag. Each year, Comic-Con gives away bags full of collectibles such as posters and toys. Fans will wait in the long line for these swag bags just as long as they will wait to get into a popular panel. These bags also typically sell online for hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

There is sure a lot to look forward to at Comic-Con 2017 so be sure to click through our gallery and see some of our favorite pictures from the event so far!

The 10 Best Cosplay Looks From San Diego Comic-Con 2017
The 10 Best Cosplay Looks From San Diego Comic-Con 2017
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