5 Lyrics From Tyler The Creator’s ‘Flower Boy’ That Are Perfect For Your Next Instagram Caption

Tyler The Creator is back with Flower Boy and just like Tyler himself, the album is full of some very unexpected surprises.

The new album had people talking before it was even released with allegations of it being the rapper’s coming out work. To say that the lyrics do feel confessional is true, but they range from vague recognitions to straightforward (no pun intended) commentary.

Tyler uses the album as a platform to discuss aspects of his identity, most predominantly his relationship with race and masculinity, while also exploring some other newer talents (singing, for example). He also does all of this alongside a range of features from both household names (Lil Wayne, ASAP Rocky, Frank Ocean) to up and comers (Kali Uchis).

All in all, Flower Boy manages to combine the classic Tyler rhymes and styles with a more innovative and surprising new approach. It’s softer, but it’s also more powerful in its ability to be confessional and candid.

Listen to Flower Boy by Tyler The Creator on Spotify

You can listen to Flower Boy on Spotify if you’re a registered user.

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Flower Boy is available on Apple Music.

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