’13 Reasons Why’ Criticized For Controversial Tweet












If there’s any show out there that can push boundaries and speak about mental health and other serious issues, it’s 13 Reasons Why.

The Netflix original series became an overnight sensation and covered heavy duty topics like rape and suicide in a way that didn’t glorify the issues, but instead, kept them as raw and real as a fictional show could.

Leading up to the big day, fans are awaiting the release of season two as the series posts hints all over social media giving clues for what’s to come in the new season.

However, the 13 Reasons Why Twitter page has recently received some backlash after posting a pretty questionable tweet.

Source: Twitter

The tweet, that has since been deleted, was a picture of  a smiley Jessica (Alisha Boe) and Justin (Brandon Flynn) with the words “I’m enough” written over their heads. The show’s official Twitter page captioned the image “always” and that was just enough to make the internet explode.

I mean, Justin did let Bryce rape Jessica and then straight up lied about the whole thing…

The comments shortly began to flood Twitter blaming the show for glorifying unhealthy relationships and encouraging such behavior.


Maybe once the new season premieres we’ll all have some answers but for now, it’s speculation at its finest.

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