These Newly-Engaged Middle School Sweethearts Have The Best Story

Do you even remember your middle school crush? Can you even imagine getting engaged to them? Well, for some people, this is a reality and not a crazy fictional what-if game.

Cheyenne Huller and Boomer Johnson have been dating since sixth grade and now they’re engaged. It sounds super cute, right? But their relationship started off in a not so cute way.

Cheyenne remembers when she saw Boomer on the first day of sixth grade. She initially thought his name was Brendan or Brandon (lol) but after learning his real name she found his MySpace page, which is how most middle school romances start. This is why I never had a boyfriend in middle school because my mom wouldn’t let me have a MySpace.

A mutual friend gave Cheyenne Boomer’s number even though she had yet to talk to him in person. That same day after lunch she was turning around at her locker and accidentally hit someone’s butt. Not just anyone’s butt, though. She hit Boomer’s butt.

She apologized and a few days later texted him. The rest is history, people! They started dating and continued to through middle school, high school and her first year of college. A year ago Boomer gave Cheyenne a promise ring promising to replace it with an engagement ring.

This month Boomer kept to his promise and proposed to Cheyenne and now they’re engaged.

And to think that a butt tap started it all.

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