This Video Of Gal Gadot Comforting A Young Fan Will Melt Your Heart

Everyone needs a superhero. The film industry has long been infamous for its exclusion of certain people, particularly in action-based genres. Superhero movies often lack strong, female figures and it’s not exactly common for a female heroine to pass the Bechdel Test.

Wonder Woman changed the game for superhero movies, kicking ass in the movie and at the box office. Not only did Gal Gadot’s character break records, she also gave so many young girls a superhero and role model that they just didn’t have before.

This video from San Diego Comic-Con is proof perfect that representation matters… It’s also just really, really adorable.

As Gal Gadot met fans, one young girl in her own Wonder Woman get-up became emotional when seeing her hero. The results were heartwarming.

Not only did Gadot comfort the young girl in the most perfect way, Ezra Miller also chimed in and invited her to join the Justice League. Basically, this is what dreams are made of and it’s also a perfect example of what happens when young girls are given the right to see themselves onscreen. It’s incredibly meaningful.

Of course, Twitter immediately applauded Gal Gadot and her fellow heroes.

Everyone needs their own superhero and we’re so happy this girl got to meet hers. Let’s hope that more and more people will get to have their own role models that represent them.

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