The Opening Credits Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ May Have Revealed A Major Clue About This Season

TheĀ final season of Game of Thrones is shaping up to be epic. The two episodes thus far have been high energy and jam-packed with plot development.

But two questions are the focal points for this season: Who will sit on the Iron Throne? Will the White Walkers be destroyed?

In the season seven premiere, you may recall the Hound facing his fear of fire and taking a look into the flames. He said he saw the dead marching past The Wall where it meets the sea. If you’re just a normal viewer like me you just thought “Okay great, I don’t know what that means.”

Fans assumed the White Walkers will have to devise a plan to get over the massive wall to continue their journey to Westeros. But now with the Hound’s fire prophecy is seems like they can go around The Wall.

Reddit user RohitMSasi took a closer look at the Hound’s prediction. In the opening credits, they noticed that the sea has been frozen over because winter is actually finally here. The Wall doesn’t go over the water, so now it is not an obstacle anymore.

The first screen grab is of The Wall from season six opening credits and the second is from this season, season seven’s opening credits.


Everyone better get it together because the White Walkers are really coming now.


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