This Grandpa’s Emoji Cheat Sheet Is Too Cute

Emojis are a hard thing to understand if you really think about it. Anyone who isn’t a #blessed millennial probably didn’t even know that certain emoji’s mean specific things. It’s like when your mom thought LOL meant Lots Of Love.

Just recently I had a friend, who is 22-years-old, text me because she used the snowboarding emoji in a Tinder message and the guy got mad. She sent me a screenshot and asked if the emoji meant anything because she had no idea. I explained to her that it’s definitely insinuating that she’s leaving/not interested because the emoji is ‘snowboarding away.’ It’s ridiculous but true.

neil patrick harris

Understanding emoji speak for a 78-year-old is a WHOLE other story. Reddit user BslickBenz posted a photo on the site of his grandpa’s emoji cheat sheet. His grandpa plays online poker and keeps the sheet next to his monitor so he can message other players.

There aren’t any snowboarding emojis on his sheet just the basic smileys. Still, those are really important.


I love how he has had to clarify a few emojis and update his list. Reddit users think his grandpa’s emoji sheet is wholesome and hilarious.

If he ever saw an emoji keyboard he would lose his mind. That cheat sheet would be a few hundred pages.

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