WATCH: This Teen’s Hilarious Viral Dance Video Is Unlike Any Other

Trying on costumes is usually reserved for October when Halloween is right around the corner.

For musical theater major Jeremy Cousar, costumes are an everyday occurrence. Trying on costumes is fun, but no one tries on a costume like Jeremy.

His friend Jardyn posted a video compilation of Jeremy being extra AF while trying on costumes. She says that she gets these videos on a REGULAR BASIS. This boy must be in a costume shop every day.

The video is wild. You’re going to laugh so hard, just watch.

The video made Twitter WEAK. Jeremy’s antics are comedy gold.

Nah but The Cheetah Girls part got me DEAD bc they jackets really did look tight

— Lyn-Li 👑🐉🥡🥠🍶 (@IcanKNOTbarbie) July 21, 2017

So that's what the fruit of the loom grape guy is up too now

— RadChad🇹🇩 (@RadChads) July 22, 2017

i've watched this, like, 8 times in the last 3 minutes

— grace spelman (@GraceSpelman) July 21, 2017

I aspire to have friendships like this

— Sarah Fowler 🌙 (grandpa) (@sarahmmitg) July 23, 2017


— leemealone (@lieveadk) July 22, 2017

Jardyn really meant it when she said that Jeremy sends her videos like this ALL THE TIME. She posted a second video compilation of his costume antics and it’s just as good as the first.

BRB, I’m going to go do some early Halloween shopping.


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