Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen’s Bridesmaid Dresses Are Very Unique

Seriously, would you expect anything else?

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen stood behind their friend, Victoria Gomelsky, during her private New York City wedding ceremony when she married Jim Koenig. Among the bridesmaids were also fashion icons Sarah Staudinger or Staud and Harley Viera-Newton of HVM.

The entire bridal party was mismatched in bright floral patterns and ruffles. All 18 women posing on the porch are enough dress inspiration to get through the rest of this summer and maybe even next. But the Olsen twins still stood out despite all of the colors and flowing shapes.

Both twins looked absolutely unconventional, but that’s nothing new for the stars. Ashely wore a black dress with white detailing on the oversized sleeves. Mary-Kate styled a kimono-like mini dress with a colorful headpiece and green satin mules.

Mary-Kate and Ashley are possibly two of the most trusted designers in the fashion industry today. Their collections, The Row and Elizabeth and James, resonate with many women and offer and influence the style of so many.

Every time the pair makes an appearance, they always show off bold and unique pieces.

It also helps that they have a following dating back to the years of Full House. 

Here’s a little more fashion inspo from the Olsens for the rest of your summer:

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