Say Goodbye To Your Childhood, Microsoft Paint Is No More

For more than 30 years, Microsoft Paint has been the go-to program, pulled up if one wanted to do any bit of light editing or doodling funny faces on your ex’s photos. It was perfect for saving screen shots or just passing time at your desk. With paint, you could do almost anything you could think of on a blank digital page for the cost of $0.

Paint existed long before Photoshop and even Microsoft Word and sadly, its 30-year reign has come to an end. It was reported yesterday that Microsoft Paint will be removed from Windows 10 with the fall update. When looked at from a business perspective, it makes sense. Paint can’t compete with other Photoshop programs like Adobe. And there are a lot of other programs out there that are also free, most of which can do a lot more than Paint.

The only thing Paint really has on us is the nostalgia factor. It can be thought of as one of those forgotten things of the past, like old flip phones and boomboxes. Future generations will never experience it and will always ask, “What’s Paint?”

Twitter users broke out and held a funeral for the iconic program.

Luckily, the rumors of  Microsoft Paint being completely deleted are not entirely true. While the program will not be featured on the start menu. it will have a new home. Microsoft Paint will live on forever in the Windows store. It will be available there and for free after the new update.

Think of it this way, Generation Y: Microsoft Paint will be in good company, retiring alongside TRL and Juicy Couture sweatsuits. Rest in peace, old friend, you will be missed.

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