Robert Pattinson Reveals The Real Reason He Got Expelled From School

Robert Pattinson is known to be cheekier than most actors. Recently, the Brit spoke candidly on the Howard Stern Show about why he actually got expelled from grade school. The reason why is kind of genius.

Little Robert was selling porn magazines at school. He would shoplift the magazines from stores and then sell them at school for about $30 each.

Robert Pattinson

Business wise, this is genius. He’s making 100% profit. Yes, it’s illegal, but there is a market for it.

He eventually got too cocky and got caught stealing. The shopkeeper didn’t call the cops on little R-Patz but he did tell his school.

When his school found out, they expelled him, which is fair. At least Robert went on to be an uber famous successful actor and can laugh about it now.

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