This Medical Marijuana Dispensary Is Becoming Greener For A Cause

Some people think drugs ruin neighborhoods, but in this case they are actually helping.

In Maine one medical marijuana dispensary is making an effort to be more green in more ways than one.

Summit Medical Marijuana’s owner Dennis Meehan posted on Facebook that they will be having a community clean up day. Volunteers will receive two empty trash bags in the morning and if they return the bags filled they’ll get a free gram of marijuana.


If you’re wondering how the hell is this legal? And how did Dennis not get in trouble? Well marijuana is legal for recrational use in the state of Maine. However not all the recreational laws have passed yet, so the only legal dispensaries in the state at the moment are medical ones.

Dennis’ loophole was that technically the people volunteering aren’t purchasing the weed, it’s a gift. No one is purchasing marijuana. He also spoke with the Police Chief to make sure he was staying within the law.

After the event Summit Medical Marijuana posted on their page how successful it was. They said they had great turnout and some people just showed up to clean up the city and didn’t even want marijuana.


Who knew drugs could bring a community together?


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