Plus-Size YouTuber Makes Fun Of The Fat-Shaming Fashion Advice She Recieves

YouTuber Loey Lane is sick of people policing her fashion choices. In a very sarcastic video, she went over the list of fashion rules that she and plus-size women should be following.

The hilarious “Fat Girl Summer Dress Code” is centered around fat shaming women and wanting them to cover up their bodies. It’s 100 degrees outside? Too bad, you should be in a turtleneck.

Loey starts her video with a quick synopsis of the dress code. “If you’re starting out this video thinking, ‘Can I just wear whatever I want?’ No. No – why would you do that? Why would anyone wear what makes them feel confident and happy, and not think about how others feel about the garments that they’re putting on their own bodies?”

Her dress code is very simple and she seems to follow it strictly.

1. Don’t wear crop tops.

2. No shorts ever.

3. Don’t show your sports bra.

4. Tight clothes? Nope!

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5. Can’t wear shapewear because that’s “lying.”

6. A bikini? No way!

Loey ends her video exclaiming that the fat girls shouldn’t follow a dress code and should wear what makes them happy. As long as you’re confident and comfortable, who cares what you’re wearing?



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