The World’s Greatest Coworkers Threw Their Pregnant Colleague a Beyoncé-Themed ”Bey-Bey” Shower

Beyonce Pregnancy Photo Mural


If you thought you had cool coworkers, think again.

Beyoncé just welcomed twins into the world, so a group of colleagues at a company called Humanscale knew exactly where to look for inspiration when a coworker named Katie’s baby shower time rolled around.

“We found out Katie was pregnant with twins, and she’s a huge Beyoncé fan,” Riley told E! News. “So when it came time to plan her shower at work, our team got together and came up with the Bey theme because of the Carter twins.”

The celebration featured a pastry tower surrounded by Beyoncé lyrics and even included a flower display to replicate the singer’s iconic pregnancy announcement over Instagram.

And those decorations? Totally DIY.

“We actually made all of them! We’re a small marketing team comprised of very creative individuals, so we all put our heads together and contributed to the decor,” Riley said. “I’m a graphic designer, so I whipped up the photo booth signs and some other decorations, and my coworkers purchased the flowers and designed the flower arch! That was the hardest part because the shower was a surprise but our office is small, so we had to hide a huge wooden palette covered in flowers for a few days.”

The cost? Almost non-existent.

“Minus the food, I think it was around $100-150,” Riley shared. “The flowers and donuts were definitely the most expensive part.”

From now on, all my parties – from birthdays to anniversaries with my boyfriend – will be Bey-themed. Not sorry about it.

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