MAC Cosmetics Is Giving Away Free Lipstick For National Lipstick Day

Whenever I see the word “Free,” I immediately start looking for the tiny asterisk in the corner. There’s always some sort of fine print or catch, because there’s really nothing free these days. Won a free meal? Sorry, you have to buy a $20 entree to cash in your meal. Free bracelet? Just kidding. You have to buy the $250 necklace and earring set before you get that bracelet. You can’t blame me for being skeptical about anything that’s free.

So, imagine how hard I’ve been staring at this MAC Cosmetics promotion for National Lipstick Day. After using every ounce of my editing and fact-checking skills, it turns out that it really is free! All you have to do to receive a full-sized $17 lipstick free of charge is to visit a MAC store or retailer on Saturday, July 29.

As with all giveaways, the brand recommends that you get there early if you want to snag this awesome deal. And by early, maybe you should get there a little before it opens if you don’t want to suffer through a long line of impatient customers. Don’t worry if you don’t live near a major MAC store. Any store or retailer that sells MAC Cosmetics is participating in the celebration.

See? No strings attached. If anything, the hardest part about this promotion will be choosing from the hundreds of shades they have available. I’m personally a fan of the classic red or something more neutral, but maybe you can try something wild and fierce this time around. Might as well if it’s free! If you manage to grab a product, MAC encourages you to show off your goodies by using the hashtag #MACLipsLipsLips.

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