All The Times The ‘Riverdale’ Cast Defined #FriendshipGoals

Don’t lie: with the crazy year in politics, rising temperatures and the Bachelor in Paradise scandal, 2017 has been rough for all of this. The shimmering light of the year was this little show called Riverdale and the friendship of the cast that has come with it.

Let’s take a moment to look at all the times that this cast was literally #GOALS.

1. The “daddy” wars.

If you follow any of the cast of Riverdale on social media, you know that for a time the only word that came out of the cast’s mouth was “daddy.” “Daddy” refers to a hot older man. A DILF without kids, if you will.

When the cast was at Coachella together they began fighting for who out of the whole cast was the most “daddy.”

This is where Cole Sprouse came in with the Twitter poll to finally decide who was the most “daddy.”

Tumblr Tumblr

In the end, Lili Rienhart, who plays Betty Cooper, won for the biggest “daddy” and Sprouse credits himself for that win because he voted for her 13,000 times. Before this I never had the desire to be called “daddy” but the Riverdale cast made me want to be included in this weird random joke.

2. They travel together.

From Comic-Con to Mexico to Coachella, this cast has managed to mix #friendshipgoals with #travelgoals that just overall gives me major #FOMO.

Sometimes I can’t get my friends to go to Starbucks with me, let alone Mexico!!

3. They photograph each other.

Well, this is Cole Sprouse specific but still exemplifies their friendships. For those not in the know, Cole Sprouse is a pretty amazing photographer and his instagram is basically dedicated to photoshoots he does for everyone from Kendall Jenner to Adidas.

When doing a Reddit AMA, he released an entire album of pictures he had been taking of the cast through out the filming of season one.

ColeMSprouse Imgur ColeMSprouse Imgur ColeMSprouse Imgur ColeMSprouse Imgur ColeMSprouse Imgur

4. They troll each other (and themselves) online.

Thank God we have social media to stalk these friendship goals to tide us over until season two premieres in October.

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