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Abbi & Ilana Meet For The First Time In This ‘Sliding Doors’-Inspired ‘Broad City’ Clip

broad city

Comedy Central

Broad City season 4 is fast-approaching, and while we know that Ilana has never read a newspaper, Abbi moonlights as a jazz singer when she’s black-out drunk, and coat-racks are not for babies, the show has never revealed to us how the two best friends first met.

In a new Comedy Central clip posted Monday, the show takes us back to 2011 (a dark time for many of us) in a Sliding Doors-esque vignette showing how Abbi and Ilana first met.

Abbi is on the subway, attempting to swipe through a turnstile as the news plays overhead about a mad-man going around the city snipping off women’s ponytails. She is out of money on her card, and as she sighs, Ilana notices her and swipes her through. Then Ilana realizes she is out of money on her card, and both women realize that their train is about to leave. In true Abbi-and-Ilana fashion, the pair leaps over the turnstile, runs down the stairs, duck around a man puking, over a homeless man mumbling incoherently, and jump onto the train.

Then the two go their separate ways, Ilana even calling Abbi “ma’am” before returning to her iPod headphones, nodding along to Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass,” flat-ironed hair pressed against her face (2011 amirite?)

Then, time rewinds to an alternate timeline (and as it rewinds, we hear the homeless man is actually shouting: “DONALD TR*MP WILL BE PRESIDENT.” Eerie.)

In this reality, they do not avert the puking man, causing them to miss the train — which leads to them actually striking up a conversation.

What does it all mean?!

The rest is history (or, rather, September 13, 2017, when the new season premieres.)

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