15 Situations In Which You Should 100 Percent Respond With ‘Reclaiming My Time’

1. When you make a joke on Twitter and someone tries to explain to you why it doesn’t work

2. When someone in your college lecture says “to go off what she said…” and then proceeds to say the exact same thing someone just said, but worse

3.When someone starts to talk about why they believe in equal rights for women, ┬ájust not in the word “feminist”

4. When anyone says that they never really “got into” Harry Potter

5. When your mom says you “never do anything around here”

6.When an ad comes on Spotify while you’re driving

8.When you get a CNN, HuffPost, and Politico alert simultaneously recapping the president’s latest eye roll-inducing tweet

9. When Netflix asks if you’re still watching

10. When someone suggests that their taste in music is in any way superior to yours

11. When your alarm goes off on a Saturday morning

11. When the professor keeps talking even one moment past the bell

12. When you’re telling a story and someone says: “Oh, this happened to me once!”

13. When your laptop asks if you’d like to update your software? Right now? Tonight then? Tomorrow?

14. When you give a presentation and someone keeps asking questions about issues you were literally just about to address

15. When someone texts you “u up?” at 2 a.m.