Chris Christie Made A Fool Of Himself This Weekend & Became Twitter’s Favorite Meme Again

Oh, Chris Christie. Everyone’s favorite meme-able Governor. Sometimes he just makes it too easy. It’s almost like he wants to get memed.

If you thought the his “private” beach memes were the peak of Chris Christie memes then you’re in for a treat, or should I say a snack.

The New Jersey Governor attended a Brewers versus Cubs baseball game in Milwaukee Sunday. While there, the Governor got heckled by Cubs fan named Brad Joseph. Christie had enough of Brad’s antics and got in his face and told him off all while cradling his plate of nachos.

Nothing can get in the way of Chris and his salty, cheesy nachos.

Twitter had a field day with this because one, he’s yelling at a citizen and mostly two, the nachos.

Seriously, even Rosie got in on the nacho meme.

Chris has really stepped his nacho game up. He’s a nacho expert.

There are so many tweets about the nachos, but these really are the best.

Long live this meme. Until of course, Chris does something else dumb in public.

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