Lush Joins The Fidget Spinner Fad With Their Newest Bubble Bar

These days, it’s hard to ignore the fidget spinner craze. What used to be marketed towards people with anxiety is now a fun little toy that’s apparently banned in classrooms. I don’t know how fidget spinners became so popular, but it doesn’t look like the fad will die anytime soon. YouTubers show off their custom creations and even beauty gurus have created stylish looks all around these spinners.

Lush Cosmetics seems to agree, because the geniuses behind our favorite products have created a fully functional fidget spinner bubble bar.

True to the Lush formula, the bubble bar is made using natural ingredients such as sodium carbonate, cream of tartar, limonene and multiple types of citrus oils. The bubble bar is pretty small with each point being colored blue, pink and yellow respectively. The product is molded around a wooden knob that you can hold for all your spinning needs.

According to Lush, the bubble bar will release refreshing lime and lemon scents in your bubble bath and can be reused. No need to use the whole bar in one go. And that’s a good thing, too. Why? Because it sold out just an hour after being released in the United Kingdom.

Unfortunately for us, this particular bath bomb is currently only available in the United Kingdom… for now. We’ll just have to sit here with our normal fidget spinners until it releases to the United States. I’m sure it won’t be long.

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