MTV Is Officially Bringing Back ‘TRL’

’90s kids rejoice, you’ll get to relive some of your fave childhood mems with the help of MTV’s revived Total Request Live.

TRL was full of so many iconic pop culture moments and it harkens back to a time when MTV wasn’t just reality TV central (Teen Mom, we’re looking at you!).

There was the whole Mariah Carey incident.

And then the innocent come-up of Britney Spears.

And more recently, this hilarious Ariana Grande moment.

But how will the new show make its own special memories and iconic moments?

There will be some big changes.

The studio will remain the same, but the hosts will change.

Carson Daly isn’t slated to return, so five new co-hosts are going to steal the show. According to MTV president Chris McCarthy, they are “relatively unknown [personalities] including DC Young Fly, a rapper and comedian, and Erik Zachary, a Chicago radio host.”

There are a couple of the new hosts, with more big names to come.

McCarthy also told the New York Times that the show is part of a larger push for more #TBT friendly content, all of which will focus a bit more on music.

Reality TV fans don’t have to worry, though. There will be a new show similar to Laguna Beach called Siesta Key.

Count on checking out all of these new changes in the fall, with TRL‘s new version airing in October.

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