Rachel Lindsay Continues To Prove She Is The Queen & Responds To A Racial Instagram Post About Dean










Let’s get one thing straight: Rachel Lindsay is one of the best things to happen to the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise. Her presence as the lead has broken barriers. She is intelligent, she’s beautiful and she’s hilarious. It’s not often that this franchise is able to find people with as much ability and talent as Rachel.

Unfortunately, Rachel has had to face some pretty harsh critiques during her time on The Bachelorette, and she’s also had to respond to some ridiculous instances of racism. Yes, it’s 2017, but we should all know by now that racism still exists.

In the past, Rachel has handled these things flawlessly and her clapback skills are enviable.

Today is no exception.

Fans have been pretty sad about Dean’s exit from the show and he’s been met with open arms. One Instagram user named Lauren Gonzalez was particularly eager to post a pic after seeing Dean and her caption caused quite a stir.

“Went black but came back,” Lauren wrote, adding a heart emoji for emphasis.

Dean responded in as inept of a way as possible, writing, “Lololol at the caption.”

This all references Dean’s initial cringey comment about “going black and never going back” when he first met Rachel, which she handled graciously. The microaggressive statement was bad enough, but now Lauren’s caption and Dean’s response only make it seem as though Dean is going back on his word, which would imply that his dating preferences have changed. It’s a very complex statement and this only seems to cross the line into some racially-motivated territory.

Luckily, Rachel swooped in to handle this foolery.

She shut both of them down with a quickness, responding, “Sent back…he didn’t come back lol.”

Lauren responded by making her Instagram account private (classic) and Dean hasn’t yet replied.

Looks like Rachel has not only won our hearts, she also won this round. Rachel Lindsay again proves that she is the queen. We’ll miss her.

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