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This Couple Got Married While Riding A Roller Coaster



Talk about a dramatic wedding ceremony. Ashley and Thom Marchetti were high school sweethearts who said “I do” in the middle of riding a roller coaster.

The couple, officiant and bridal parties all spent the day at New England’s Six Flags to witness the couple solidify their love in the most thrilling way ever.

Ashley and Thom took the front car of the Superman ride with their officiant and bridal parties behind them. Any open seats left on the 34-seat ride were taken by wedding guests. Some guests, like the ring bearer, had to sit out on the fun because he didn’t make the height requirement.

Their officiant waited until the coaster was at the 208-foot peak before shouting at Thom and Ashley if they take each other as wife and husband. The couple screamed “I do!” while plummeting downwards. They didn’t kiss until the ride ended.


Before the couple screamed “I do” they’re vows were exchanged on the ground on the Superman platform. The couple went on the ride two more times afterwards with wedding guests who couldn’t fit on the first ride. The park opened an hour early so the couple could have their special moment.

Life and love is a roller coaster so there really is no better way to start the rest of their lives together!

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